What are the nearest milestones for the project?

Hi, looks like idea is pretty interesting, but at which stage are you right now? Can you list closest milestones?

Hi Imolfar,

the first steps are to build open source building blocks for a property registry on Ethereum. This includes:

● Smart Contracts for Product Registration & White Listing
● Product Registration SDK
● Product Verification SDK

We have a team with diverse skills in place. On these building blocks things like authenticity verification, proof of proximity and diverse IoT apps can be built.

Hi Johann,

According to the white paper ‘Open Registry for IoT’ you’ve started with Phase Two of the project.
In the FAQ list the product development roadmap for the next year is mentioned. Is next year 2017? Is there a more exact timeline available for the roadmap?

Is the project still ongoing? Are there any opportunities to provide support?