Microchip vendors

It looks like thie is a new forum, so I will be the first to post. Which microchip vendors are currently supported? Will I be able to buy a chip from any NFC vendor and add to the IoT Registry on Ethereum for authentication?

The vision is to keep the registry as open and extensible as possible. Therefore, we are working at different levels. At the open registry will allow the use of any kind of identity for registering on the blockchain: ECC public keys, RSA public keys, iBeacon ids, etc. Please, note that only public keys will provide the ability to safely establish the identity of the registered thing. At the microchip level, we are addressing interoperability by providing both specifications and reference implementations for both NFC and BLE protocols.

It is a requirement for microchips to have the ability to run asymmetric crypto-algorithms, such as ECC and RSA. This is important to store a unique identity on an open registry and not give the ability to create ‘duplicates’ to malicious players. While not all NFC and BLE microcontrollers have this ability, this is a becoming a common feature.

While working on the standardization, we also considered existing standards to allow participants to use off-the-shelf microchips. The NFC protocol is based on a small subset of existing government standards: FIPS201/PIV standards for smart cards, as specified in NIST SP800-73-3. Participants will find microchips and firmware that are already compatible with the open registry.

The BLE verification protocol is iBeacon and Eddystone friendly. We are planning to publish a draft of the protocol specification together with an SDK that streamlines that integration with an iOS App.

While Chronicled has already developed both BLE and NFC solutions that are easily integrated with the blockchain, we are also working with partners and chip providers to ensure that alternatives are made available.

Will the start kit be available again soon? If not, could you re-direct us to chip brands we can buy (by link if possible) that are compatible with this system?