How to get the drone bluetooth identity?

Hi everybody, I want to better understand how the authentication could be implemented.

Suppose we want to authenticate a drone (like in your proof of concept) that has a bluetooth ID and a pbk identity on the ethereum blockchain. We want to ask to the drone the bluetooth ID so to search on the blockchain, through the registry contract, the right public key associated with the bluetooth ID. When we have the pbk, we can send a message to the drone and ask him to sign it with the private key. When the drone sends back a signature, we can verify it with the public key obtained from the blockchain.

Now, how can we do this with code in the simplest possible way?

I know that with javascript there is web3 and so we can interact for example with a local testrcp, maybe after have deployed the contracts using truffle.
But how can we get the data from the drone so that we can get from it the bluetooth identity?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile: